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Here at North Staffs Utility Services, we understand that it is significantly easy to take your water supply for granted, but a plumbing emergency such as a burst pipe can cause real damage to your home. Knowing what to do and who to call when a pipe unexpectedly burst at your property is crucial and the team at North Staffs Utility Services are guaranteed to be able to help.

If your pipes are yet to burst but there are indicators which could potentially lead to a burst water pipe, please don’t hesitate to call our team today.

Leaving a burst pipe can lead to a devastating amount of damage within your property, and can cause huge inconvenience to anyone who lives or works there as well as resulting in costly damage.

There are specific things which you can do in order to help protect your pipes from bursting, however, these aren’t guaranteed to stop the incident, but they do help prevent it. Ensuring your pipes are well insulated will help protect them from fluctuating temperatures meaning the risk of them bursting is minimised. Aspects such as keeping your home at a stable temperature and knowing where your stop tap is are also beneficial.

What causes your pipes to burst?

When a pipe bursts, it is important to realise why this has happened and what actions need to be taken; if you’re unsure, don’t panic, the team here at North Staffs Utility Services are experts and can advise and guide you all aspects of your pipes. There are many causes of burst pipes, some are not noticeable at first glance, others stand out like a sore thumb, such as freezing temperatures. Here are the main causes of burst pipes:

Cold weather – When the temperature goes below freezing, there is a chance that your pipes could begin to burst or leak. This is most likely to happen if your pipes are old and worn out, and as the water begins to freeze inside the pipes they begin to expand and then burst.

Rusty and weakened pipes – If your pipes have been in place for a long time they could end up beginning to rust. This rust can lead to a variety of issues for your pipes as it can begin to weaken them; the weakened pipe can slowly increase the chances of the pipes bursting.

Water pressure – A build-up of water pressure is another cause of a burst pipe, similar to the way a pipe freezes, if something within your property is clogged such as a toilet or the water pump itself, the pressure becomes too much for your pipes to handle, resulting in bursting.

Signs that your pipes need replacing

Detecting the signs that your pipes need replacing before they burst can prevent the process of having the inconvenience of not having water as well as the damage it can cause. Some signs are obvious such as water leaking, others are not as noticeable.

Here are the most common signs that your pipes need replacing before they burst; if any of the signs below appear to be occurring within your property, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today on 0800 6118704 or 07970 347890.

The most common sign that your pipes need replacing is an unpleasant odour coming from your drains, sinks or any area of your property. The odour is a sign that the sewage is not being successfully transported from your pipes to the municipal sewer lines. Another sign which relates to an unpleasant odour is sinkholes and puddles, these can also give off a repulsive smell within or outside your home. If there are sinkholes and puddles at your property, this is an indication that your pipes need replacing as they are beginning to burst or have already done so.

As well as odours, there are also sounds which are indicators of burst pipes, or pipes which need replacing. Sounds can be a bubbling noise when flushing the toilet or using the sink, this is a sign that air cannot escape to the sewer lines. An alternative noise is a whistling noise as this is from pipes which have been dented as it creates a segment of the pipe which is too small for the volume of the water which needs to travel through.

There are obvious signs that your pipes need replacing such as having no water which affects the whole of the property, taps, toilet, dishwasher etc. as well as poor water quality which can involve a sudden change of colour or smell. This is an indication that your pipes have begun to corrode or otherwise become contaminated or deteriorated.

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If you live in Stafford or the surrounding areas and require your burst pipes repairing or replacing or any of our other services, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Here at North Staffs Utility Services, our team are dedicated to working Monday – Saturday, 8am – 6pm. During these hours, we are able to visit your property in order to repair or replace burst pipes. We also have alternative services available if these are required, please call us today on 07970 347890 or 0800 6118704.