Water Main Repairs in Crewe

If you are looking for water supply repairs in Crewe then you have come to the right place. Here at North Staffs Utility Services, we are able to offer you professional, reliable and thorough repair services. We are able to install, repair and replace many aspects of your water supplies. If they are no longer in good condition, then you may want to consider getting your water supply pipes repaired. If you feel as though you are in this situation, North Staffs Utility Services Ltd will attend to your property in order to find a solution to your issues and resolve as quickly and as hassle-free as possible.

The Services We Offer

We have over 30 years’ experience in the repair and replacement of water mains pipes within domestic and commercial properties. Due to our vast amount of knowledge and understanding we are able to provide those within Crewe with water supply repairs regardless of what they may be.

 For many of us, a water leak can spring at any time and more often than not the water will not be managed by your local water company, but by you. As the property owner, you are responsible for any water leaks which occur within the property boundary. If you feel as though you are in this situation, please feel free to contact us today.

 Here at North Staffs Utility Services Ltd, we use all the latest leakage detection equipment in order to assist in finding where exactly the leak is, this then allows us to repair the pipework to prevent the leak.

 We invest in the latest equipment resulting in significant savings and minimum disruption to your property.

Why Choose North Staffs Utility Services Ltd?

Here at North Staffs Utility Services Ltd, we are a family run utility installation and repair company. We have over 30 years of experience and have been trading for 10 years and have since been providing professional water service repair and replacement to both commercial and domestic properties.

 We are water industry approved contractors and are fully qualified and insured. Using the latest trench technology we install and replace the existing lead and metallic water services with MDPE (plastic.) We pride ourselves on minimizing the mess and disruption to your property. Your complete water main repairs specialist.

Who Is Responsible?

The responsibility of your water provider stops at the boundary of your property and is the sole responsibility of the homeowner. If you ever experience a burst in your main water pipe, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

 If a water pipe hasn’t burst but you suspect it is going to due to signs such as high water bills, poor water quality and unpleasant odours; we advise you get this issue looked at as soon as possible in order to prevent more damage.

 Here at North Staffs Utility Services Ltd, we are able to visit your property at a convenient time for you and assess your water mains situation. With over 30 years’ experience, you can rest at ease with the knowledge that we will get your issue resolve quickly, safely and professionally.

Working in Crewe

if you live in Crewe and require any of our services, including water main repairs and replacement, do not hesitate to call us. 

We offer a 24/7 emergency callout service in Crewe and the surrounding areas.

Here at North Staffs Utility Services Ltd, we provide a 24-7 response to locate and repair all underground bursts. However, generally, we work Monday-Saturday, 8am-6pm, during these hours we help customers with any water mains issues they may be struggling with. Regardless of your requirements, we aim to complete the job you require professionally, carefully and safely. If you would like to gain more information regarding our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 07970 347890. Alternatively, you can get in touch via email, we will respond to your enquiries as soon as possible.

What Our Customers Think

Here are some reviews which our customers have written about our services:

 “The guys came despite the really wet dismal day. They set to work immediately and worked constantly, Great job done and I will definitely recommend this company, just make sure you have plenty of tea in.” – Customer in Stoke-on-Trent – 20/10/2017

  • “Very knowledgeable, reliable and knows his job.” – Customer in Stafford – 2/2/2017
  • “I cannot fault – from first response to my problem (late on a Saturday night) Rob kept us informed, site visit, prompt quote and remedial works sorted. Excellent service – I would have no hesitation in recommending.” – Customer in Shrewsbury – 21/9/2017
  • “Very impressed with the service I received. Rob was extremely helpful. No complaints about this company. Would recommend without hesitation.” – Customer in Birmingham – 15/9/2017

 If you would like to read more about what our customers think, you are able to access them here.