Water main repairs in Birmingham

At NSUSL, we can carry out various water main repairs and replacements throughout Birmingham and across the West Midlands. NSUSL offer a 24-hour service and response for emergency callouts such as underground pipe bursts.

A swift response is essential when it comes to leak repairs. This can save on further costs and damage such as a burst pipe. As well as water main repairs, NSUSL can also carry out water pipe replacements.

Leaking pipe repairs

If left unattended, an underground leak can cause serious issues to a property, resulting in major damage and repair costs. This is why it is important to arrange for repairs urgently.

However, it can be difficult for homeowners to detect when their property has an underground leak. There certain signs which indicate the possibility of an underground water leak. These include:

  • Expensive water bill or if indicated on the water meter
  • Rumbling noises near your water main
  • Clanging or grinding
  • Unpleasant odour
  • Puddles of water, damp drywall or ceiling
  • Poor water pressure
  • Poor water quality

If you suspect an underground leak on your property due to noticing any of these issues, then NSUSL can arrange for an inspection of your property and carry out any necessary repairs.

Leak detection

It’s important to determine the location of a leak in a property before carrying out any maintenance work. At NSUSL, we utilise modern leak detection technology to source the location of the leak without needing to perform any digging or drilling.

This enables us to quickly, efficiently and safely source the location of the leak and carry out any necessary repairs. This approach can also prevent your property from undergoing any unnecessary damage and costs when attempting to find the leak.

Water pipe replacements in Birmingham

As well as leak repairs, NSUSL can provide water pipe replacements across Birmingham and the West Midlands. Modern 25mm MDPE pipework can bring many benefits to your water supply. These include:

  • Improved flow and water pressure
  • Improve boiler efficiency
  • Reduce energy and utility bills
  • Cleaner and healthier drinking water

Lead pipe replacement

It is unusual for properties in the UK to still contain lead piping. If your home has been modernised since 1970, it is unlikely there will be lead pipework on your property. However, it is thought that one-third of homes in the North West built before 1970 still contain lead piping.

If you suspect your home may still contain lead pipes, it is important to get an inspection and replacement if necessary. Lead is a harmful material, especially with pregnant women and children aged under 6. It is recommended we minimise our exposure to lead.

Should you require any of our water main repairs or pipe replacement services, then please get in touch using the enquiry form below, call us on 0800 6118704 or email nsusl@sky.com. We operate throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands. Whether you’re situated in Aston, Handsworth, Quinton, Bournville or Edgbaston, please don’t hesitate to get in touch,